Good Omens season 1

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  • Original Title: Good Omens
  • Country: USA | UK
  • Channel: Amazon Video | BBC Studios
  • Release Date: 2019
  • Genres: ComedyFantasy
  • Created by: Neil Gaiman
  • Cast: David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Anna Maxwell Martin, Jon Hamm, Josie Lawrence, Adria Arjona, Michael McKean, Jack Whitehall, Miranda Richardson, Nick Offerman
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 1h

There are two bible characters among human beings. One of them is a demon named Crowley and another one is an angel named Aziraphale. The world is on the verge of apocalypse and this fact makes them unite and work together. The matter is that once the demon was given an important mission to accomplish. Crowley was to replace the baby born in the monastery with the antichrist. But he refused to do it as he was convinced that there would be no good from the apocalypse for a demon as well.

To avoid the judgment day the main characters of the TV series Good Omens season 1 are forced to cut a deal with each other. Aziraphale wishes to bring up a prodigy together with Crowley keeping his good and bad sides in balance. Only the balance between the good and the bad can change the situation in this world. But the main characters have mistaken the baby. Though it became clear for them only in several years. Where is that gifted child? And what will happen to the world?

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