LA to Vegas season 1

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2 episodes

  • Original Title: LA to Vegas
  • Country: United States
  • Channel: FOX
  • Release Date: January 2, 2018
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Created by: Lon Zimmet
  • Cast: Peter Stormare, Dylan McDermott, Amir Talai, Nathan Lee Graham, Kim Matula, Olivia Macklin, Edwin H. Bravo, Boone Nelson
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 30 mins

The plot of the comedy series LA to Vegas season 1 Fox takes place on board of the plane, going to Las Vegas. Everyone who has visited this city knows that in the weekend there is especially fun. A huge stream of people wishing to go to a bright and colorful city, in which there is a mass of casinos and other places for entertainments. The flight crew to Las Vegas is always the same.

The main characters of the series are young people who are constantly unlucky with their private lives. Characters try to solve this problem, but not always it manages to be made. Alan constantly faces attention from women, because a young and handsome pilot is a find for any girl. The commander of the crew Dave – has wide experience of flights behind shoulders. In life he is very cheerful person and constantly tries to boast of his achievements. Also most passengers of this flight are constant customers, who regularly spend time in Las Vegas. Colin is a little strange man, who flies this flight only because of his sympathy for the stewardess Ronnie. Only during the flight he manages to flirt with the lady. The inveterate player Artem is from Russia, he is very gambling and likes to enter into various bets and disputes.

During the flight all heroes communicate, discussing funny cases and get acquainted among themselves. Upon arrival they go on affairs, but soon again meet to fly home to Los Angeles. Watch the fascinating series LA to Vegas season 1 Fox and spend time with pleasure behind the good comedy.

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Episode 1 - S01E01, air date January 2, 2018

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Episode 2 - S01E02, air date January 10, 2018

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